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Club Penguin: Herbert P. Bear attacks Everyday Phoning Facility!

If you log on to Club Penguin and visit the Ski Village, the Everyday Phoning Facility looks a little weird from the outside! The windows are broken, the logo is broken off and there are yellow rocks, hmm? What could this be? Let’s go inside!

Well look at this, penguins! As you can see below, a ladder surrounded by rocks and construction tools with a sign that says “EPF ONLY” well what could this mean? Is the EPF under a special construction? Go inside to find out!

Unbelievable! As Herbert said in the future he would attack the EPF in a brand new way, and now look, he did! It is now your call as an EPF Agent to defeat all the 3 colored dragons to bring back the EPF in order!

So have you defeated Herbert, his dragons and crazy contraptions? If so, how many times have you defeated him? Remember to leave a comment and let us know!


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