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DJ Cadence


a.k.a. DJ Cadence

Cadence is a notable famous penguin on Club Penguin. Cadence is Club Penguins’ official DJ and creator of most of Club Penguins beats and music, she also appears in games like Dance Contest. Cadence is a young more modernly updated with the latest dance moves, she dances along with her boombox which she gives out to the penguins at the Music Jam parties, she is peach colored with a purple wig and green headphones, striped scarf, pink and yellow wristbands, and shoes.

Unlike other famous penguins, Cadence uses texting slang, for example she says modern phrases like “lol”, “EPIC FAIL”, and “ROFLZ!”. She first appeared in an issue of the Club Penguin Times, and visits the Club Penguin Island annually at the Music Jam parties in the Nightclub and the Dance Lounge, where her exclusive background can be received and her stamp as well, she usually says things relating to dance and most frequently says “It’s time to dance!” she is a very hyperactive penguin as well.

In 2010, Cadence upgraded her background replacing the January 2009 background, only the 2010 background can be received from her up to date. Cadence is an umbrella-term in dancing which most likely represents a swift pattern in dancing, a resemblance of her being a DJ as well a dancer, she is a peach colored penguin and has pink related colors all over her clothes, probably could mean her favorite color is hot pink. She is also often called the Dancing Machine, The Mix Master and Breakdancer.

• Can I meet Cadence?

Cadence spends most of her time putting on Dance Contests at the Night Club, but during certain events she’ll step down from the DJ booth to meet and mingle with others. If she’s around, you definitely can’t miss her!

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