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Master Sensei


a.k.a. The Sensei

Sensei is a notable famous penguin on Club Penguin. The Sensei was first spotted at the Dojo before the release of Card Jitsu: Fire and the Dojo Courtyard, as a mysterious unknown gray penguin digging by the snowy mountains as many meanwhile he just claimed “A long journey is ahead…” and before the release, he was seen at the Dojo Exterior, now he is found inside the Dojo along with Fire and Water locations, he wears a traditional Chinese straw hat and has a white beard, resemblance of his age.

Sensei means Teacher in Japanese, and he is the master of all the Card Jitsu’s, therefore he is known as Sensei, a teacher.  Every time a new penguin begins his journey to become a ninja, Sensei will be watching the entire way and he will also reward you with a Starter Deck and a Booster Deck. Sensei visits about once or twice a year, and it is very hard to spot him because he most from server to server quickly, he visits all over the Club Penguin Island and of course the all three of the Ninja Hideouts.

Implying the fact that his name originates from the Japanese language, he also has written haiku’s (a Japanese poem form) and he always tells the penguins about them in various times at different visits to the island. Rumors say that Rockhopper and Sensei are secret twin brothers with the resemblance of their 2 penguins, in Card Jitsu he uses a power card that involves Rockhopper and The Migrator. On Club Penguin, Sensei has appeared with his regular self, the Fire costume and Water costume.

• Can I become a ninja?

Yes! To become a ninja you’ll need to go to the Dojo and earn your black belt by playing the ancient art of Card-Jitsu.

• Can I become a Fire Ninja?

Yes, but first in order to master the fire element, you need to earn a black belt and finally defeat Sensei in order to proceed in your journey.

• Can I become a Water Ninja?

You can! But first in order to master the water element, you need to complete earning your Fire Suit and then defeating Fire Sensei to continue on.




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